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With 30 years of accumulated technology and know-how of Hephzibah
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Veltz Energy Wind Power Generator

  • Advanced technology
    Blade / generator / MPPT controller design technology,
    customizable design
    Developed a new unique blade airfoil, the core part of wind-power
    generation, based on CAE analysis
    Highly reliable structure under the strong wind like typhoon
  • Vertical axis wind turbine
    No slip ring error because no need tracking wind
    Use all direction of wind
    Stable power generation under veering and turbulent wind condition,
    and annual output is bigger than that of horizontal wind turbine.
  • Urban style
    Generate power at low wind speed and silent operation
    (lower than 45dB)
    Easy to install and possible to construct on the building roof
  • Red Pressure Far Field / Green Interface / Blue Wall
  • Mach Contour
  • Resultant Force
  • Streamline