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Features of street light

  • 01

    Generate power at low wind speed/veering wind condition by highly efficient vertical axis wind turbine

  • 02

    Rapid follow-up management with its own developed and manufactured wind power generator

  • 03

    Expand convenience / safety by adapting eco-friendly DC power and LED lamp

  • 04

    DC powered LED without inverter minimizes power loss

  • 05

    Secure the reliability with high quality and internationally approved solar module and batteries

  • 06

    Add various options through the controller development and manufacturing

  • 07

    Store the controller and battery in and out of the pole

  • 08

    Proper design of the pole and foundation to meet safety standard against wind through the CAE and verification

Veltz street light

It is very efficient to introduce the hybrid power generation system
with the solar power in the day and wind power at night, in cloudy or windy day.

  • Wind power generation

    The kinetic energy of the wind is converted to the electric energy through the PCS unit to store in the battery bank.

  • Solar power generation

    The photovoltaic energy is converted to the electric energy in the solar power module and stored to the battery through the power control system.

  • LED lamp

    It is eco-friendly streetlight powered by the electricity stored in the battery at night.